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Cleo Tackles the Supply Chain with Latest Integration Cloud Release

Cleo Tackles the Supply Chain with Latest Integration Cloud Release
Cleo Tackles the Supply Chain with Latest Integration Cloud Release

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Cleo recently released the latest version of Cleo Integration Cloud, featuring a new approach that enables supply chain organizations to manage B2B integration. Cleo Integration Cloud now ensures users can handle integrations the way they choose, either through a “Build-it-Yourself” approach or via “Outsourced.” Cleo is also including a “Best of both worlds” approach so customers can adopt a customized blend of both self-service and managed service.

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The Cleo Integration Cloud allows organizations to connect to enterprise and SaaS applications with a variety of connectors and APIs. The tool automatically accepts, transforms, orchestrates, connects and integrates all B2B data types from any source and to any target, and can be deployed via several different methods. Cleo Integration Cloud can also be embedded for SaaS or Information Services organizations and can be utilized as a managed service to offload complex integrations to the vendor’s experts.

Through the Build-it-Yourself option, users can design and build all their integrations on Cleo Integration Cloud to eliminate the need for advanced integration skill or consulting. Outsourcing involves a consult with Cleo’s managed services team to design and build integrations and avoid “black box” approaches taken by MSPs or integration brokerages. Cleo’s new trio of integration approaches pair well with its ability to execute EDI and API integration on the same platform.

In a media statement about the news, Cleo President and CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan said: “No other B2B integration solution offers both EDI and API integration from the same platform, to deliver the flexibility and agility supply chain companies need to stay competitive in today’s era of rapid digital transformation. With this latest release of Cleo Integration Cloud, we are truly taking integration technology where no provider has gone before – giving integration teams more confidence and credibility in delivering value for their organization’s stakeholders.”

This most recent news comes on the heels of Cleo expanding its library of application connectors to include new e-commerce platforms and digital marketing tools. The provider also added a new suite of connectors to Cleo Integration Cloud in October.

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