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Cloudera Director 2.0; Manage Hadoop in the Cloud with Ease

Cloudera Director 2.0

In a recent press release, Cloudera announced the latest version of Cloudera Director 2.0, the easiest way to deploy and manage enterprise Hadoop in cloud environments. Cloudera is the only Hadoop distribution to support hybrid cloud environments and has led the cloud movement for Hadoop so users can capitalize on the flexibility provided by the cloud while taking advantages of all the capabilities of the Hadoop Big Data platform. This updated release provides new automations to reduce operating costs, deliver critical enterprise-grade functionality, and to provide troubleshooting necessary for production. In addition, users can also take advantage of customized configurations to quickly get started with common workloads.

As a result of the rise in streaming and data creation via the Internet of Things, more data is being stored in cloud environments. Paired with the resourcing flexibility of cloud environments, it has become an appealing environment to support many common Hadoop workloads. As  one of the first Hadoop vendors to assist organizations in embracing these trends, Cloudera has formed partnerships with the major cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Cloudera Director 2.0 drastically simplifies the experience of running modern Hadoop workloads in the cloud, whether via ETL, modeling, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, and Application Delivery, in order to deliver cost savings, easier management at scale, and enterprise-class functionality. New features focus on:

  • Lower operating costs for the infrastructure that supports ETL or other transient workloads
  • Quick scalability for Business Intelligence and analytics to support low-latency, high-concurrency access
  • Enterprise capabilities for long-running application delivery workloads

Version 2.0 features customizable templates and configurations for all workloads to enable easy management and repeat deployments. Cloudera provides an aggregated view of all clusters, across all environments, down to the instance-level for metadata filtering, transparent monitoring, and improved troubleshooting.

Cloudera’s latest release works seamlessly across major cloud platforms, including AWS and GCP, and includes the Open Cloud Connector to easily integrate with other preferred or private clouds. Cloudera is working closely with its vast partner network of more than 2,000 companies to ensure the same optimized and certified tools and experience, no matter the deployment environment. These vendors include some of the top providers in enterprise Data Integration like Informatica and Pentaho, as well as Business Intelligence giant Qlik.

Cloudera’s Vice President of Products concludes: “Across all industries and use cases, our customers are interested in running Hadoop in cloud environments, benefiting from the fast resourcing and flexibility it provides. To further support our customers, Cloudera Director 2.0 makes it easier and more cost-effective for customers to tap into these benefits, while reliably managing cloud deployments both at scale and in production.”

Click here for Cloudera’s official press release.

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