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Scribe Software to Crowd-Source iPaaS with Connector Developer Program

Scribe Software to Crowd-Source iPaaS with Connector Developer Program
Scribe Software to Crowd-Source iPaaS with Connector Developer Program

Source: Scribe Software

Scribe Software recently announced the launch of a new Connector Developer Program for SaaS companies, developers, and systems integrators. The program allows developers to build custom connectors for any custom or enterprise application, and make it available for sale to the development community through the Scribe Online marketplace. With this launch, the company is also making new connectors for Magento and ServiceNow available.

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Customers will be required to use Scribe’s development kit in order to make use of the new developer program. The kit includes a number of ways to create connectors, including a fast messaging framework that takes advantage of webhooks, and request/reply capabilities. In addition, the program also benefits Scribe’s Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) users by increasing the number of connectors for the product.

In a related statement, Scribe Software’s CEO Shawn McGowan spoke to the news: “The Connector Developer Program gives us a way to crowd-source integration solutions and ensure that our platform will scale to meet the connectivity demands of all enterprises. But just as importantly it gives our SaaS provider partners and development partners a way to expand their footprint through better connectivity and an outlet for packaged integration solutions.”

Back in June, we covered the news that Scribe added a developer portal to Scribe Online. The portal provides access to an updated software developer kit (SDK) with a full suite of sample integrations, reference applications, and educational material. The portal targets application and integration developers so that they can build applications that provide access for real-time application integration, replication, data virtualization, and Internet of Things use cases.

Solutions Review named Scribe Software one of 5 Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service Vendors to Watch in 2018.

Read Scribe’s press release for more.

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