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Adobe Adds AI-Powered Virtual Analyst to Adobe Analytics

Adobe Adds AI-Powered Virtual Analyst to Adobe Analytics
Adobe Adds AI-Powered Virtual Analyst to Adobe Analytics

Source: Adobe

Adobe recently announced the latest addition to its Analytics program. This AI, dubbed by Adobe as a virtual assistant, is capable of providing the user with analytic information previously unavailable to them while presenting it based on the unique contextual circumstances of the user and organization.

The new virtual assistant is utilizes Adobe’s Sensei AI and machine learning framework, and provides users with data insights into customer behaviors. “A major global brand in the early testing program told us the insights were comparable to adding over one hundred data scientists to their team,” said Adobe’s Director of Product Management John Bates in a press release.

This new AI is unique not only in its ability to obtain new metrics, but how it presents them to brands. The AI will report on previously immeasurable consumer interactions, including metrics related to how long customers stay on a website and their movements between app use and web browsing. The new feature will collect those metrics and actively prioritize analysis based on context (real-time activity and historical data) without input from a user. And being an AI, this assistant has adaptable learning providing users with data and recommendations over time based on past interactions. Users can “like” recommendations which will teach the assistant about user preferences for the future.

“We took our time to build the new virtual analyst, spending years rigorously validating the technology with real customer data and training the AI model to make sure the outputs solved real problems,” said Bates. Bates also said that Adobe is pleased with the current state of the new AI and is looking at broader rollouts of this technology in the future.

This announcement comes on the heels of Adobe’s purchase of B2B marketing vendor Marketo. The news emerged Thursday afternoon that Adobe was looking to buy out Marketo, which is set to be the largest acquisition the company has ever made. This deal would place Adobe at the forefront of the marketing automation space, as Marketo currently competes with other industry mainstays like Salesforce and Oracle.

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