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Become a Marketing Analytics Expert with These Training Courses

Become a Marketing Analytics Expert in 2023 with These Training Courses

Become a Marketing Analytics Expert with These Training Courses

The editors at Solutions Review have spotlighted some of the best training courses and programs to consider if you want to become a marketing analytics expert in 2023 (and beyond). Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs and may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

Marketing professionals are essential to any company’s success. However, as markets and best practices change, active and aspiring marketers must consistently maintain and expand their skills and expertise, especially regarding marketing analytics. Analytics is crucial for marketers looking to optimize their campaigns, target the right audiences, and create the most compelling marketing strategies possible.

With that in mind, our editors have compiled a list of the best training courses and online certification programs to enroll in to become a marketing analytics expert in 2023. These courses are designed for active and aspiring marketing professionals looking to equip themselves with the marketing analytics expertise employers want.

The Best Training Courses for a Marketing Analytics Expert

Course Title: Become a Marketing Analyst

OUR TAKE: If you’re new to marketing and data analysis, this program is designed for you. Students can expect to learn the foundational marketing and analytics tools to help them advance in their careers.

Platform: Udacity

Description: Learners that enroll in this introductory course will learn to collect and analyze data, model various marketing scenarios, apply essential design principles to create meaningful data visualizations, and build models to communicate findings with popular apps like Tableau and Google Analytics. The course has no prerequisites and includes all the content curriculum students need to succeed in the changing market landscape.


Course Title: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

OUR TAKE: As a professional-certification course, this program will equip you with the in-demand skills, insights, and know-how you need to become a qualified Google Analytics expert.

Provider: Coursera

Description: This beginner-level certification course has no prerequisites and can be taken by anyone looking to break into the analytics marketplace. Over approximately six months, aspiring data analysts will learn from Google employees and experts and understand the practices and tools needed in the high-paced world of marketing and data analytics. Topics covered include cleaning data for analysis, developing spreadsheets, R programming, data visualization, Tableau, and presenting data findings via dashboards and presentations.


Course Title: Social Media Data Analytics

OUR TAKE: Tracking and analyzing your social media data analytics can be challenging to learn independently. With this intermediate-level course from the University of Washington, you can equip yourself with the insights you need to get the most value from your social media analytics.

Platform: Coursera

Description: Marketers who enroll in this course can expect to learn about utilizing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), collecting data from various social media platforms, and processing that data with methods like correlations, regression, and classification. Other topics and skills covered in the approximately thirteen-hour course include structured data, Python programming, R programming, sentiment analysis, data visualizations, statistical analysis, etc. The training is offered via the University of Washington and is taught by Dr. Chirag Shah.


Course Title: Market Analytics: Become a Data-Driven Marketing Expert

OUR TAKE: Give your marketing career the boost it needs by enrolling in this two-hour introductory course and equipping yourself with the data-driven skills and insights you need to stand out.

Platform: Udemy

Description: Marketing analysts are some of the most valuable components of a company’s ongoing marketing success and agility. With this course, marketers of all experience levels can learn what it means to be a data-driven marketing expert. The course covers fundamental subjects like market segmentation, pricing techniques, pricing analytics, break-even analyses, elastic demand, sales forecasting, pricing assessments, clustering strategies, measuring sales trends, regression, and more.


Course Title: Marketing Customer Analytics, Segmentation, and Targeting

OUR TAKE: This recently updated, top-rated marketing data training course will help marketing and business professionals of all experience levels learn to extract valuable insights from various analytics forms.

Platform: Udemy

Description: Instructor Mohammad Reza Habibi, Ph.D.—a marketing professor and expert on Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing—has developed this training course to help active and aspiring professionals learn how customer segmentation, targeting, and analytics can help them identify the best audience for their product or service. Upon completion, students should know how to segment an audience, identify their ideal customers, and target them with personalized marketing tools across channels.


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