The 11 Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Platforms For 2021

The 7 Best Digital Marketing Analytics Tools For 2021Our editors have compiled a list of the best digital marketing analytics tools in 2021 based on reputation, accessibility, feature diversity, and business size adaptability.

The best digital marketing analytics tools have proven themselves time and time again to be an essential asset to marketing automation campaign success. Marketing analytics uses predictive data and data collection to help marketing teams gain the insight they need to stay on top of shifting market trends and clientele interests. With marketing analytics tools, then, marketers will create the most compelling, successful marketing campaigns possible.

Solutions Review has created this list to spotlight some of the best digital marketing analytics tools on the market right now. These tools were selected using parameters like accessibility, feature diversity, and business size adaptability in mind. All solutions have been provided in alphabetical order for your convenience.

The Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Platforms

Adobe AnalyticsAdobe - logo enables users to mix, match, and analyze data from anywhere in the customer journey. The platform comes equipped with marketing, channel, customer, web, attribution, and predictive analytics capabilities for online and offline marketing campaigns, streamlined workflows, and modeling. Adobe Analytics integrates with Adobe Marketing Cloud and various third-party providers, allowing users to maintain control over its marketing campaigns.

ClickDimensions - logoClickDimensions is a marketing, analytics, and services platform designed for use with Microsft products. Since the platform was designed within Microsoft Dynamics and partnered with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Power BI, users can integrate with those platforms for no additional cost. ClickDimensions offers features like enterprise-grade marketing intelligence, customer success support, campaign automation, intelligent dashboards, and more.

Google Analytics - logoGoogle Analytics offers a Free and Premium model. The free model provides web analytics and tag management solutions suited for midtier marketers. The Premium offering is designed with enterprise-level users in mind, in contrast to the midtier marketers that often use Google’s free analytics toolkit. The company’s Premium offering comes equipped with features like segment discovery, predictive modeling, open APIs, integrated reporting, and a suite of search, website, and advertising campaign management tools.

Heapheap - logo is an analytics platform designed to help product, marketing, and customer success teams create meaningful digital experiences that attract, convert, and retain users. The program tracks all of the interactions someone has with a product so companies can identify what customers love, what they don’t, and make adjustments as necessary. Heap provides users with product metrics and analytics to personalize the buyer experience and retain customers.

Keap - logoKeap is a provider of CRM and marketing automation solutions for small businesses. With the platform’s built-in marketing reporting software, users can track form completions, email open rates, click-throughs, marketing and campaign performance, contact action, and sales reports conversions by sales stage, lead source, and other customizable criteria. For clients inexperienced with marketing tools, Keap offers collaboration with an onboarding expert to initiate setup. 

OmnisendOmnisend - logo specializes in marketing solutions for e-commerce, email marketing, SMS, and automation. As part of the company’s omnichannel marketing automation platform, Omnisend provides its users with revenue attribution, cross-channel tracking, sales dashboards, campaign and automation reports, sales and performance metrics, email marketing, and a single customer view outfitted with site tracking, behavioral, and transactional data for segmentation. 

Optimove - logoOptimove provides predictive customer analytics, AI optimization technologies, and a multi-channel campaign orchestration engine to help marketers create customer-led journeys that promote higher engagement, retention, and lifetime value. Every Optimove customer is equipped with a primary point of contact, customer training, consultations, and a self-learning predictive customer model to maintain accurate persona-based segmentation and marketing campaigns.

Oracle - logoOracle Analytics uses augmented analytics, business intelligence, embedded machine learning, and AI to analyze data across an organization and help its users make smarter business predictions and decisions. Oracle offers four products as part of its Analytics offering (Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Analytics Server, Oracle Fusion Warehouse, and Oracle Essbase) to help marketers access data, discover insights, and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere.

Oribi - logoOribi is designed to provide a simple-to-use marketing analytics tool that helps users use actionable insights to drive results. The platform automatically tracks website traffic and events so companies can discover where they lose prospects and which events drive the most conversions. Often sued by companies in the e-commerce, SaaS, real estate, medical, tourism, education, and government sectors, Oribi includes features like custom reports, marketing attribution, optimization, segmentation, and more.

SAS - logoSAS is a global analytics provider offering a suite of solutions designed to help users discover and interpret data, identify what’s working, fix what isn’t working, and drive relevant change. Some of the features SAS offers include advanced modeling capabilities, data collection, ingestion, exploratory analysis and modeling, simulation testing and optimization, decisioning, measurement, and a flexible platform that enables users to select the most important analytics for their company.

Uplandupland - logo is designed to help marketers create personalized campaigns that boost engagement, loyalty, and conversion. The platform offers features like mobile app and web analytics, intelligent personalization, and campaign reporting. Upland’s products include enterprise marketing and email automation software, mobile app marketing software and analytics, customer reference and engagement software, and more. Each of these products can operate independently but are also able to integrate with each other.

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