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How Do You Integrate Content In Marketing Automation?

How Can Integrating Content Improve Your Marketing Automation?

How Can Integrating Content Improve Your Marketing Automation?

Content marketing stands tall as one of the most effective ways to ingratiate your brand with leads and kickstart relationships with them. However, it stands in seemingly stark contrast to marketing automation, as content creation is one of the few things a solution cannot do. Since even the most advanced AI-powered assistants fail to create cohesive, engaging pieces of content, that duty remains squarely on the shoulders of marketers for the time being. As we’ve discussed before, automation may give marketer’s more time to create content themselves, but how do you use your solution to make the most of it once it’s been produced?

There are several automation strategies your team can pursue to maximize the impact of their carefully wrought content. Here are a few.

Email management is one of the defining aspects of marketing automation, and mastering it is one of the most important skills a modern marketer can learn. Automated emails progress the sales funnel and inch leads closer to a sale, but the opening email is likely the most important one in that process. It’s also the most difficult to get right. You’re potentially going into this email completely cold. Maybe you know one or two things about a few of the leads but beyond that, it’s a cold open. What is the best way to introduce your brand with an automated email?

Help them out with a problem, of course.

Sending leads useful content right off the bat is a great way to endear someone to your brand. Your team can create content for leads before the email campaign begins. This level of pre-planning facilitates a strong start to your campaign, and specially crafted content promises a higher success rate of your initial emails.

Which sounds more appealing to you? A cold email from a stranger trying to sell you something, or an email linking you to a video or article offering valuable, professional insights? Naturally, you would prefer the latter. Your leads are going to share that sentiment. After you track who interacts with the email, proceed with your campaign as you had planned. Of course, you can keep sending content via email to your heart’s content, but is there any other way content can aid in your automation efforts?

Just by existing.

By virtue of just being online, content will continue to passively market for your enterprise for as long as it remains live. Evergreen content, or content that will always be relevant, does this the best and will perpetually generate buzz and steady traffic. Your automated solution will help you monitor those visitors as they come to your site. From there, you can work those clicks into leads, as they’ve already demonstrated an interest in your brand through the content.

While it’s a popular misconception that automation and content are exclusive to each other, this just isn’t the case. And for those organizations taking certain expert advice, hiring a team of content creators is proving invaluable in their efforts to marry content and automation. They’re the chicken and waffles of marketing if you’ll indulge the analogy: an unlikely pair where the individuals remain great on their own but are even better when you put them together.

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