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The ActiveCampaign Sales Automation Features to Know About

The ActiveCampaign Sales Automation Features to Know About

The ActiveCampaign Sales Automation Features to Know About

The editors at Solutions Review compiled an overview of the ActiveCampaign sales automation features companies should know how to use. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs. We may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

Sales automation solutions can help companies of all sizes eliminate the time-consuming manual tasks that prevent sales representatives from doing what they do best: closing deals. With sales automation on their side, sales teams can improve how they manage customer relationships, automate emails, analyze data, understand team performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure they stay ahead of their competition. However, finding the best sales automation tools is easier said than done.

To help, the Solutions Review editors have compiled a rundown of the sales automation features available on ActiveCampaign, a leading email marketing, CRM, sales, and marketing solution provider for companies across industries.

The ActiveCampaign Sales Automation Features to Know About

Contact Management

Managing contacts can be one of the most time-intensive tasks a sales rep is responsible for, but it doesn’t have to be. ActiveCampaign’s sales suite can automate the contact management process and let users see the entire sales process in a single glance. Users can automate tasks like sales routing and automatically track a particular rep’s interactions with a customer. This makes it easier for other sales representatives to pick up where a colleague has left off.

Lead Scoring

Knowing what leads should be prioritized is crucial to the sales process. However, when the process requires a sales professional to spend precious time analyzing individual leads, it can hinder growth. That’s where automated lead scoring tools can help, as they can automatically assess a company’s database of leads, segment them into various buckets, and identify win probability so your sales team can focus their team on the phone calls and outreach that generate revenue and develop lasting customer relationships.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointments can come from multiple places (a contact form, a phone call with a service rep, an email, etc.), and managing an influx of requests can become a pinpoint for sales teams with limited time. With ActiveCampaign, companies can set up automations that send a meeting request email that provides a sales rep with the information a contact provided, streamlining the scheduling and prioritization process. The automation will also move that particular contact further down the pipeline based on the type of meeting they’re asking for (i.e., product demo).

Deal Management

On top of segmenting and scoring leads, ActiveCampaign’s sales automation functionalities can also streamline creating and updating leads. For example, users can set up automations that make a new deal whenever someone fills out a form, requests a demo, or downloads a lead magnet (i.e., whitepaper, product brief). These automations will also update the deal based on the lead’s actions, move them to a new stage of the sales funnel, update their status, and even provide automatic assessments of the lead’s value.

Lead Distribution

Sales automation can also help streamline internal sales processes, like assigning particular leads to different sales representatives. ActiveCampaign’s sales automation tools can automatically assess and distribute leads based on various factors, including the lead score, win probability, customer engagement data, territory, and deal value, providing each prospective customer with the best possible experience. It can even use a “round-robin” format to ensure every sales team member receives the same volume of leads.

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