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Why the Holidays Are the Best Time to Buy Marketing Automation

Why the Holidays Are the Best Time to Buy Marketing Automation

Why the Holidays Are the Best Time to Buy Marketing Automation

December is underway and the new year will be upon us in just a few short weeks. As 2019 creeps nearer, it’s time to reflect on the successes and failures of the last year, as well as formulate a strategy for the next. This makes the end of the year a better time than ever to get into a new marketing automation solution. The new year serves as a great jumping off point for your new marketing strategy. The sooner you jump into a new solution, the better. The tree isn’t the only green that matters this season.

One of the main arguments for buying a new solution is that people, more specifically your prospects, love spending money this time of year. Organizations in the B2C space know that the holidays are a huge time for the economy. Holiday sales accounted for 19.2 percent of all retail sales in the year 2016. Any attempts to deny the impact of marketing at this time of year are just silly. Since automation only serves to benefit your marketing team, reaping the rewards of automated marketing during November and December poises you to generate more revenue and close more leads than you can shake a candy cane at.

Granted, there are some industries that aren’t winding down this time of year. Retail, as we mentioned, doesn’t have a busier season than the holidays. Should enterprises experiencing a surge in activity right now still be getting into a new solution?


Or at the very least they should be shopping around. It’s completely understandable to eschew a new marketing tool while your company is in the throes of its busiest season. But after every rush comes a lull. The lazy month of January may be their time to welcome a new solution, but they should definitely be looking now.

Another reason to implement marketing automation before the dawn of 2019 is to minimize the impact of the rollout. Though most vendors market their tools as quick and easy to deploy, it still does take some time. The best way to mitigate the lost time is to plan the rollout during a time of the year where your organization is winding down for the and team members have some time off.

Piggybacking off the idea that December can be a time of introspection, marketing automation also helps users to plan strategically for upcoming initiatives. The month can be a time fraught with meetings concerning what the gameplan will be in the next year. A marketing solution will force a reassessment of strategy whether it is adopted in December or July. Therefore it is logical to adopt the technology during the time when your team has already put themselves in the strategic mindset. That way they can account for the automation’s capabilities when setting their goals.

In the season of giving, the perfect solution for your enterprise can be a gift that keeps on giving. Though there’s no promise that a solution purchased will produce ROI by the end of the year, it will improve your marketing efforts and ease the lives of your teams. Those boosts to marketing efficiency, lead conversions, and sales are sure to make for a very happy new year for your enterprise.

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