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Citrix Acquires Zenprise: A Sign of Things to Come

Citrix Acquires Zenprise

Citrix Acquires ZenpriseYesterday Citrix announced the acquisition of Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider Zenprise. Zenprise’s MobileManager and MDM suite will be added to the Cirtix CloudGateway and Me@Work for managing data and and mobile apps. This move will allow customers to manage, monitor and secure all their devices, apps and data in one centralized location.

Seeking Alpha quoted Zenprise CEO Amit Pandey on the acquisition saying, “From our perspective the deal makes a lot of sense because both companies are focused on enabling end users. Citrix has been doing it for years with products such as the Receiver which enables you to access all of your desktop apps on your mobile devices. We have been managing devices, data and making bigger moves into applications so the two fit together very well.”

It will be interesting to see how this integration pans out, but this move by Citrix and Zenprise is a sign of larger things to come. There is no denying that enterprise mobility is a growing industry. Both the devices them selves and the solutions used to manage and secure said devices are coming out at an alarming rate. These solutions are constantly evolving and trends in the mobile security space are shifting rapidly. The next evolution in the space might not be to the technologies themselves, but rather a consolidation of the current solutions and the space. We are certain that the move by Citrix will be just one in a long line of MDM or Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution acquisition to help “round out” the larger player’s solution sets to cater to the ever growing enterprise mobility trends.  

With companies scrambling to take advantage of enterprise mobility and clamoring the solutions necessary to secure and manage mobile devices, who will be the next stand along MDM or MAM provider to be scooped up? MSPmentor has apparently learned that, “at least one MDM company in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant will try to wrap up a company sale by December 31, 2012.”

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