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Fiberlink Helps to Ease Some Economic Woes for SMBs with MaaS360 MDM

SMB Mobile Device Management - Fiberlink MaaS360

SMB Mobile Device Management - Fiberlink MaaS360In a tight economy SMBs might be cutting back expenses. This may make it hard for them to keep up with growing mobility and technology trends. Unable to afford a comprehensive Mobile Device Management solution that would truly secure data and network access, SMBs may have to choose to pass on increased workplace mobility and BYOD programs that seem to be increasing productivity, moral and technology options for employees.

In a recent release Fiberlink says this is why a growing number of SMBs are utilizing their MaaS360 Mobile Device Management solution. Fiberlink highlights that MaaS360 has enabled instant enterprise mobility management that cut administrative costs in half and eliminated server costs for BPM, Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, Hawthorn Pharmaceuticals, SIHO Insurance and other businesses. By deploying MaaS360’s comprehensive cloud-based MDM solution, these organizations have been able to save money while still allowing for corporate/employee own devices and protecting corporate data. Not to mention the ability of MaaS360 to allow for growth and scalability as the organization’s mobile device populations grows. Click here to read to full release on how MaaS360 can save your SMB money and find a link to a 30 day free trial.

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