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A Nice Start to 2013 for Fixmo

Fixmo: Network World Startup to Watch

Fixmo: Network World Startup to WatchEveryone wonders what the New Year will have in store for them. Well a new list from NetworkWorld of the 10 Mobile Startups to Watch might foreshadow what 2013 has in store for Fixmo. The Mobile Risk Management (MRM) solution provider was included in the list for their unique approach to the increased mobility and BYOD programs that are entering enterprises around the world.

Fixmo’s MRM solution is a blend of a more traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, and the emerging Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions. In addition to traditional MDM feature like tracking, password protection, remote locks and whips, “it continuously monitors system integrity and acts upon risks and potential compromises before they happen.” The MAM features and capabilities are brought to users through Fixmo’s SafeZone and AppZone solutions. AppZone allows you to monitor, track, test and analyze usage and crash instances while SafeZone bring the security features enterprises need to ensure security from threats to data through applications.

Check out more about Fixmo and what got them on NetworkWorld’s list of The 10 Mobile Startups to Watch here.

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