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Above and Beyond Traditional MDM: Mobilisafe Brings More to the Table to Secure Your End Devices

Developing and maintaining Mobile Device Management (MDM) across your organization is not like cooking a rotisserie chicken; you can’t just “set it, and forget it”.  Vulnerability, updates, secure statuses and more need to constantly be monitored and checked.  While you still can’t “set it, and forget it” Mobilisafe is taking steps to allow Information Security Professionals to set it, and maybe relax just a little bit more then before.

Moving beyond just the traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) features, TechCrunch is reporting that “In addition to its real-time assessment capabilities, it’s also aggregating and mining the data it collects to help its system become more predictive over time.” Along with data encryption and remote lock and wipe capabilities Mobilisafe is allowing for automatic firmware update identification and messaging to employees and real time updates on the activity and status of each end device. See the full article and what Mobilisafe can offer as they come out of private beta.

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