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VIDEO: Top 5 Tips to Implement Mobile Security

VIDEO: Top 5 Tips to Implement Mobile Security

VIDEO: Top 5 Tips to Implement Mobile Security

The editors of Solutions Review proudly announce a new video in our video content lineup: “Top 5 Tips to Implement Mobile Security.” Our video host Jonathan Paula expertly narrates how to avoid employee error when deploying an enterprise mobile device security solution.

How can employee education when all the difference when deploying a mobile device management solution? What steps should your business take? This video explores it all compellingly and concisely!

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So, How Do You Implement Mobile Security?

We don’t want to give too much away in this article. After all, you can always check out the answer in a compelling visual format here:

However, you should definitely begin asking why you need to implement mobile security in your business. The era of the desktop computer came to an end some years ago. While laptops remain the dominant endpoint for most enterprises’ work processes, more and more mobile devices constitute professional IT environments. These devices, whether corporate-issued or employee-owned, have their own cybersecurity risks and needs.

If your employees bring their devices to work as part of a bring-your-own-device culture (BYOD) then your enterprise becomes vulnerable to cyber attacks carried in via these foreign devices. Conversely, employees bringing corporate mobile devices home can leave them vulnerable to attacks via unsecured personal networks.

Therefore, your business must implement mobility security specifically tailored to your unique use case. The solution you select should allow your enterprise more control over employee-owned mobile devices via increased visibility and better cybersecurity protections. Additionally, your enterprise must take steps to educate your employees on best practices as you implement mobile security.

How to Watch “Top 5 Tips to Implement Mobile Security”

Be sure to check out more Solutions Review content on our Youtube channel. The channel also offers other exclusive content and interviews with mobile security experts from around the world.

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