Anatomy of Work Global Index 2023

From Cloudfresh


Do your teams collaborate well? More importantly: Can they get better at it?

Three key insights surfaced again and again in every industry and across continents:

  1. Successful XFN collaboration correlates to revenue growth.
  2. Clear company and individual goals can lead to business preparedness.
  3. Optimized processes—not more meetings—can help businesses collaborate smarter.

Asana surveyed 9,615 global knowledge workers in late 2022 to uncover the effects of cross-functional collaboration on business. The results are fascinating.

Cloudfresh is excited to bring this report to leaders and managers keen on improving collaboration using cloud tools such as Asana. Cloudfresh is a leading solutions partner specializing in implementation, migration, integration, audit, administration, support, and training for the best-in-class cloud solutions.