In a GenAI World, Do I Still Need a Data Catalog?

In a GenAI World, Do I Still Need a Data Catalog?

- by Robert Eve, Expert in Data Management

Who doesn’t love a data catalog?

When you need several data sets to power a new analysis, you go to the data catalog. There, you will find hundreds of curated data sets, all the metadata that describes them, and the controls you need to access them. Armed with the required data, you can easily collect, connect, and deliver it directly to your analytic tool of choice.

However, someone had to build the catalog in the first place, which was a difficult task due to the variety of data sources, structures, formats, and more. Then, as new data sets and sources arise, the catalog must adapt continuously to stay abreast.

Modern data catalogs automate some of this work for you. However, human effort, particularly domain expertise, is still significant.

Can GenAI perform the same curation and control function without human time and touch?  

Or is it too soon to replace data catalogs as we know them, relegating GenAI to a supporting role as a data catalog enabler?

Our experts answered these questions in The Jam Session: In a GenAI World, Do I Still Need a Data Catalog? on Friday, June 7.

Join me, fellow Insight Jam expert Robert SeinerJuan Sequeda, Principal Scientist & Head of AI Lab at, and Austin Kronz, Director of Data Strategy at Altan, for a lively interactive session where we will address five questions on this topic.

AI and Data Catalogs: Five things you need to know

  1. Who uses a data catalog and why?

  2. What are the five most essential functions of a data catalog?

  3. Can GenAI meet some or all of these needs today?

  4. Or is GenAI a data catalog complement or enabler? If so, how?

  5. Given the above, what would be an intelligent GenAI + data catalog strategy for the next 2-3 years?

Watch the conversation here.