Top 3 Lessons When Building Great Mobile Applications for Your Business

Top 3 Best Practices When Building Mobile ApplicationsMike Capone is corporate vice president of product development and Chief Information Officer for ADP and he know a few things about building enterprise mobile applications. In a great best practices article at Information Week, Mike shares his Top 3 Lessons Learned for building great mobile applications for your business.

According to Mike, “If I can’t understand it within the first two minutes, I’ll probably never use it again. The core objective, then, when developing a mobile app for business: Squash any potential for confusion. Consumers want simplicity when it comes to their mobile applications, and the same holds true for business users.”

He goes on to list the top 3 Lessons he has learned in the course of developing ADP Mobile Solutions app:

Lesson No. 1: If the ultimate goal is ensuring ease of use, taking a minimalist approach to creating the mobile app needs to be the No. 1 priority for every team member involved. “Users will judge you not on how many features and graphics you pack in, but on how quickly they can learn to use and rely on the app.”

Lesson No. 2: Foster collaboration among the product teams’ data architects to ensure agile API development.“Providing mobile access to many Web services-based systems required us to break down communication barriers and generate a minimum set of APIs that all our product teams’ data architects could leverage.”

Lesson No. 3: Create a pathway for iterative API updating and innovation. “The adage “less is more” is the best way to characterize the benefits from having a set of agreed-upon APIs.”