Top 4 Concerns For Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Top 4 Concerns for Hybrid Mobile Application DevelopmentWrite Once – Run Anywhere (WORA). The acronym is a little kludgy – but the idea sounds so sweet. And that is the chief selling point for building hybrid mobile applications. And there are certainly plenty of other great reasons for using a mobile application platform the leverages HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in order to achieve the goal of WORA.

There are also a few concerns that should be considered as well when looking to run a single source code across multiple mobile operating systems. A recent article on the Developer Techblog offer some practical advice along these line:

The top 4 concerns listed in the blog post touch on some obvious issues:

  1. Performance “Nothing beats a properly coded native application”.
  2. Features“Many platforms have unique features that cannot be utilized through hybrid apps”.
  3. User Experience“Each of the major platforms have their own set of interface guidelines”.
  4. Debugging “Even the very best developers make the odd mistake”.

Certainly a good start when considering the benefits of hybrid mobile application development vs. native.