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5 Questions to Ensure Your WLAN Capabilities Can Keep Up – Motorola

Wireless WLAN Best Practices Motorola

Wireless WLAN Best Practices MotorolaCorporate environments are rapidly changing in how they are accessing information and communicating. Employee’s ability access information on the move is improving dramatically due to the increase in mobile devices entering and being utilized within organizations. At the heart of this improved and increased access is a wireless network, and now more then ever these wireless networks need to be analyzed, tailored and tweaked in order to ensure employees are able to take full advantage of new technologies.

How can you be sure that you wireless network or WLAN is up to par with the needs of those relying on that network. In a recent blog from Cal Calamari of Motorola Solutions offers 5 questions that IT departments need to ask themselves when evaluating current WLANs in order to make sure they can scale and handle to pressures that today’s business environments are putting on them.

1. Can your WLAN support reliable mobile connectivity in a complex and dynamic environment?

2. Can your network support a broad range of consumer and industrial strength devices?

3. Can your industrial network deliver the optimum amount of bandwidth for each voice, data and video application?

4. Do you have the tools and/or resources to monitor and manage your industrial wireless network and devices in real time?

5. Can you deploy a unified corporate-wide WLAN optimized for both carpeted and industrial environments?

All of these questions have one common theme. Can your WLAN keep up with the increase in enterprise mobility that organizations are implementing across the globe? Organizations are no longer static environments where one plugs into a terminal in the morning and plug out at 5 o’clock. Weather it is in industrial, corporate, healthcare or educational environments more and more people are on the move and reliable access to information needs to follow them.

Click here to read more about these 5 questions IT should ask themselves to ensure WLAN reliability in increasingly mobile environments.

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