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Adtran Launches New Wired and Wireless Cloud-Managed Services

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Adtran has just announced the launch of their new cloud-managed ProCloud Subscription Services for wired and wireless networks to enhance the network connection for both customers and employees. Businesses can take advantage of the latest wired and wireless networking technologies at an affordable monthly price. ProCloud Subscription Services provide Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with an easy to use model where they can quickly turn up new cloud-managed services for their customers. This means offloading the management of the network to a trusted provider, with the ability to easily support more mobile devices, more quickly access cloud applications, and support high-bandwidth video content and quality voice services, without the capital expense overhead.

ProCloud works by expand wireless internet access with Adtran access points communicating with the ProCloud servers. This service works with guest accessing the guest network buy having them agree to terms of service before connection and ProCloud takes that information and manages it while making sure that guests are only using the guest network and that the corporate network is completely secure. This is especially useful for education environments, hospitals and other businesses who offer free guest Wi-Fi.

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“ADTRAN’s subscription services offer a real game-changer for MSPs, and we’re thrilled to be the first to provide this innovative solution to meet our customers’ demands for predictability and flexibility, essentially delivering them a high-performance network-as-a-service just like any other monthly expense they may have,” said Keith Fletcher, chief operating officer, Speros. “The addition of this first of its kind offering is permitting us to deliver the highest quality infrastructure to our customers at a low monthly cost. We promote our business as ‘technology you can trust,’ and our long-standing partnership with ADTRAN plays a big part in our ability to provide that high level of reliability needed to meet modern business networking needs. This revolutionary program is virtually eliminating our customer’s high capital expense previously associated with upgrading and maintaining their network.”

ADTRAN’s new subscription services feature the ProCloud management portal that offers a single view into all connected devices across wired and wireless networks for each customer. The services also report trends on network health and data usage. MSPs can leverage that insight to tailor services with a pay-as-you-grow model and proactively engage with customers on capacity planning and upsell new solutions and/or services. Additionally, service providers benefit from a future-proofed service that includes automatic product refreshes, which is critical for all infrastructure technology, but especially Ethernet switches and Wi-Fi access points. With these new services, MSPs can easily grow their business by as much as double annually, helping them to cost-effectively create differentiated service portfolios from which they can generate a more predictable and profitable revenue stream.

For more information, check out this video of Adtran’s Solutions Sales Engineer Brian Lenahan explaining ProCloud

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