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Aerohive Announces New AdvantageMSP Partner Program

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Aerohive has just announced a new AdvantageMSP program to enable its channel partners to deliver fully managed enterprise wired and wireless services. The new program allows customers to rely on Aerohive partners to deliver the basics of connectivity while they focus on leveraging the business value of Wi-Fi with analytics and applications. The AdvantageMSP program provides a set of tools, processes, and product capabilities that together enable channel partners, both traditional resellers and existing service providers, to deliver new high value services to their customers.

Enterprise-grade wireless connectivity is mission-critical for many organizations, yet these organizations often struggle to find and retain the expertise required to run a typical wireless network. While Aerohive has significantly simplified network operations, some organizations want to go further and consume wireless as a utility, just like electricity and plumbing, instead of devoting valuable in-house resources to maintaining a network. This new demand presents an opportunity for network infrastructure channel partners to deliver increased value and achieve new incremental revenue by offering Wi-Fi as a service.

Aerohive’s new AdvantageMSP program allows channel partners to offer fully managed wireless connectivity that is fast, secure, scalable, and reliable. AdvantageMSP channel partners receive optimized product capabilities and business processes that make it easy for them to introduce and deliver managed services without the operational overhead of other network solutions. Channel partners can further increase service value by leveraging Aerohive Cloud Services (ACS) to develop custom business and IT applications. Aerohive has created this program in consultation with global service providers, such as T-Systems, NCR, and Verizon, and industry specialists, such as GCI and Tekmark.

Aerohive’s AdvantageMSP program supports both Management as a Service (MaaS) and Wireless as a Service (WaaS) business models. MaaS channel partners provide outsourced management of a customer-owned infrastructure using tools like hierarchical management and support. WaaS channel partners offer wireless networks on a subscription basis using the network as a new services-revenue platform.

The Aerohive AdvantageMSP program enables a wide range of channel partners, from existing MSPs to industry specialists, to easily adopt a managed-services strategy. The program includes innovative new business processes and builds on the capabilities of HiveManager® NG, Aerohive’s cloud-enabled management solution for enterprises. Specific program features include:

  • Optimized business systems to simplify transactions and operations of managed service offerings, including Usage-Based Billing (UBB) and the ability to purchase hardware separate from software licenses.
  • New hierarchical management tool within HiveManager NG that enables scalable management of multiple customers. The tool provides a centralized global view of multiple customers’ networks and detailed views of single customer networks.
  • Role-based access to HiveManager NG that allows customers to maintain visibility of their network even if the day-to-day administration is outsourced.
  • Auto-provisioning capabilities for access points and switches through HiveManager NG which enable channel partners to remotely deploy and configure networks, significantly reducing time and cost of service delivery across customers’ sites.

For more details, see the full press release

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