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By 2018, Six Billion Connected Things Will Need Support


According to a report report published by Gartner, six billion devices are going to need to be connected and constantly supported by 2018. This will wreck havoc on your Wi-Fi and slow down production of your business. With IoT and BYOD taking off, each employee will be implementing at least three devices by 2018. This will be especially true if enterprise mobile apps find their rightful home in the work place. As these mobile devices multiply and bog down your wireless connection while they fight for space on your digital super-highway.

By 2018, six billion connected things will be requesting support– In the era of digital business, when physical and digital lines are increasingly blurred, enterprises will need to begin viewing things as customers of services — and to treat them accordingly. Mechanisms will need to be developed for responding to significantly larger numbers of support requests communicated directly by things. Strategies will also need to be developed for responding to them that are distinctly different from traditional human-customer communication and problem-solving. Responding to service requests from things will spawn entire service industries, and innovative solutions will emerge to improve the efficiency of many types of enterprise.

With this fairly accurate prediction by Gartner it’s more important than even to make sure that your wireless connection will support this growth of devices. By implementing 802.11ac, as these devices get introduced, your network will be able to take them in stride.

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