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BYOD is a Driving Factor in the Focus on Wireless LAN Solutions

BYOD Wireless Aruba

BYOD Wireless ArubaComputerworld recently had an interesting interview with Dharmendra Kumar, President, India and SAARC, of Aruba Networks about his past experiences, his journey to Aruba, plans and strategy moving forward and most interestingly Aruba’s stance on BYOD and its impact on the WLAN market. In regards to BYOD and WLANs Kumar suggests that it is all about network intelligence and being able to handle multiple devices from one user and presenting a seamless experience.

Kumar states that BYOD will be a drive factor in the focus on WLANs moving forward because the first step in allowing for BYOD is setting up your network’s access layer to align with the types of devices clients are using to access it. In regards to BYOD that access method is, in most cases, wirelessly these days. Here are a few excerpts from the interview, and you can also click here to read the entire conversation with Computer world.

“CW: Most of the vendors do not seem to have an all-inclusive BYOD story. What’s your strategy for this market?

Kumar: Aruba’s wireless BYOD story is far more feature-rich as compared to anybody else in the industry today. If you look at BYOD, which is partially network intelligence and partially mobile device management (MDM), the network intelligence piece is far more important than MDM.”

“CW: So where exactly are you selling BYOD?

Kumar: Wherever good network is being sold today! It will become a way of building access networks. Client profiles have gone wireless and the preferred medium for devices is wireless. BYOD will happen everywhere. It’s just a matter of the first few executions and the rest will follow.”

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