Five Podcasts for Wireless Networking Professionals


Over the past few years, Podcasts have been growing in popularity, not only in entertainment, but as a popular and valuable resource to gather information. The tech world in particular has seen a boom in useful podcasts for every specialization. Everyday there are more and more things to learn and sometimes sitting down and reading about the latest developments in wireless networking isn’t an option and can sometimes be a little dry. Throw on one of these Podcasts in the car, at the gym or at work and learn about new developments and some old best practices that can help make your wireless network better.

Clear to Send

“Clear To Send is a podcast about wireless engineering where we educate you on WiFi technology, talk about design tips, troubleshooting, interviews, and the tools.”

Clear to Send has been around since August 2015 and includes four different episode formats; educational, interview, news and opinion. The host, Rowell is the author of the blog Packet6 and created Clear to Send to focus more on wireless networking. He is a network engineer at Stanford University. Rowell talks about wireless planning, particularly how it applies to a higher education setting and accepts questions from listeners to help tailor his episodes to what listeners want to know about wireless networking and to share tips about the industry and tools.

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Wireless LAN Professionals

“If we don’t care about the issues facing Wireless LAN who will? We’re the technicians; we’re the architects; we’re the vendors; we’re the VARs; we’re the Wireless LAN Professionals.”

While they are no longer active on the Podcast front, the Wireless LAN Professionals Podcast archive offers over 52 episodes of Wireless content complemented by a presently active blog. The series is hosted by Keith Parsons, Managing Director of Wireless LAN Professionals and former senior architect for Aerohive Networks and Managing Director of the Institute of Network Professionals. Wireless LAN Professionals aims to spread knowledge of wireless networks among professionals and beginners alike.

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No Strings Attached

“The NSA Show is a vendor neutral look at all things wireless. Through our various jobs and opportunities we are able to present unbiased opinions about the wireless market.”

The No Strings Attached Podcast is made up of a team of wireless engineers and aims to show different opinions and points of view in the wireless networking world. NSA covers the latest hardware updates and hosts guests like Keith Parsons of Wireless LAN Professionals (above) and Mike Leibovitz of Extreme Networks who appear in the latest episode. NSA is a Podcast for wireless engineers by wireless engineers.

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Boundless Aerohive Podcast 

“Covering topics that run the gamut from how to set up BYOD management policies, to how the Internet of Things will impact a given environment, to a history of Wi-Fi standards, to interviews with experts out in the field.”

Although this podcast is produced by a vendor, it covers more than just the technical details that go into creating and building a successful wireless network. Episodes feature scenarios along with the traditional hardware and product talk, like how the future of retail will impact the way networks need to be set up and how devices can impact the network. These podcasts also include case studies of Aerohive deployments.

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Cisco Champions Radio

Cisco Champoins Radio is another podcast that has been slightly more active in the past, but still offer over 100 useful episodes for wireless networking professionals. Cisco Champions are an elite group of technical experts who are passionate about IT and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts across the social web and with Cisco. The program has been running for over two years and has earned two industry awards as an industry best practice.

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