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One Forgotten Key to Your Wireless Network’s Success

Research projects working to double wireless bandwidth

Network Computing Value of Wireless AntennaIn a recent blog post on Network Computing, Lee Badman takes a look at an aspect of the wireless network that tends to be overlooked when designing and implementing an enterprise level wireless network solution (WNS): The Antenna. Badman points out that with today’s mapping and designing tools that most wireless providers bring to the table the art of understanding and manipulating antennas to achieve the proper coverage has been “lost” in some cases.

With the new access points and their sleek designs, with “captive antennas”, that are easy to deploy, with omnidirectional patterns broadcasting signals in every direction it is easy to think that you are being covered everywhere you need coverage. However, if you are to put a little more focus on the access point’s antennas, the direction and range they are covering, Badman points out that you might be able to increase connectivity and save a little bit of cash. By adding an external antenna and shaping the signal properly you might not have to add that extra access point at the end of that hallway where your omnidirectional access point just isn’t quite reaching. He also points out that in a multitenant environment directional access points can be the difference between you utilizing all of you bandwidth, or it leaking into your neighbor’s environment bogging down your network.

In this insightful blog Badman goes on to talk about his day-to-day wireless work, and his application of antennas across different settings from stadiums to parking lots to warehouses. He also contrasts the use of antennas to offerings from Xirrus and Ruckus while highlighting some of their benefits. Ultimately he think that the overall message of the post can be found in the last line of Badman’s blog where he writes, “The more antenna basics you understand, the better you’ll be at design, purchase or support.” Click here to read the entire post.

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