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Keeping a Focus on Your Wireless Networks: 3 Questions to Ask

Business2Community WLAN 3 Questions

Business2Community WLAN 3 QuestionsThere is a lot of talk going on surrounding enterprise mobility, and we have noticed a lot of the focus is based around the end devices and the management of those devices. A huge aspect of enterprise mobility that can not be forgotten and still needs some focus is the wireless network allowing for all this mobility. Christine Ekman from Business2Community highlights three questions that you should ask when managing your wireless network and monitoring it to make sure employees have the ability to work on the move.

1) Are my wireless networks available where employees need them?

This question is referring to both cellular and Wi-Fi connections. While you need to understand where you offer connectivity, it is equally important to understand where your employees operate and conduct business. After all, the wireless network is there as a convenience for the employee not the other way around. Ekman suggests, “Since Smart Devices traverse between cellular, public wifi and private wifi networks, you might consider a monitoring service that can map all three to give a complete picture of wireless coverage as it relates to your employees.

2) How do my wireless networks perform for my employees?

Ekman says that the only way to truly understand this is to run data test across your networks. She points out that the number of bars a mobile device is displaying does not always correlate with the actual signal strength. This is an issue of density. With too many users in one area all downloading data speeds will inevitable drop despite how your signal strength reads.

3) How are my employee’s devices performing?

Akman simply points out that network issues are not always the networks fault. With the variety of operating systems entering the enterprise continuing to rise, the variety of issues each operating system presents will rise as well. “The performance problems are not always on the network side and you should consider monitoring the performance of your devices as well.”

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