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Out With The Old And In With The New – LAN and WLAN

Older wired LAN networks obsolete

Older wired LAN networks obsoleteBlack and white TV. Typewriters. Walkmans. These are all things of the past, surpassed by better technology that offers more convenience. According to an Enterprise LAN Vendor Landscape report from the Info-Tech Research Group, the traditional wired LAN may also become a thing of the past. The report hints that as mobile and cloud computing continue to grow the “Enterprise LAN market is being forced to cut ties with land lines and embrace the wireless wave.”

As vendors are adapting their offerings and aligning with this shift the report also identifies “Champions” in this space and movement. Listing Avaya, Cisco, Enterasys and HP Networking as market Champions, the reports outlines recommendations for selecting an Enterprise LAN Vendor.

Mark Tauschek, Lead Research Analyst for Info-Tech Research Group say, “Mobility and cloud computing are changing the demands of enterprise LAN users. The next generation of the enterprise LAN access network will be largely wireless, and vendors are adapting and differentiating enterprise LAN offerings with WLAN offerings.” Access the entire reports here.

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