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Mojo Introduces the Multipurpose C-130 Tri-Radio 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point

Mojo Networks Launches MSP Program


Mojo Networks has just introduced the C-130, a powerful and versatile 802.11ac Wave 2 access point. The C-130 was specifically developed for large network environments that want the flexibility to use a third radio for security, RF (radio frequency) troubleshooting and analysis.

“Customers no longer want the unnecessary access point hardware cost. They demand reliability, choice, security, value, functionality, automation, analytics and the power to manage WiFi securely from the cloud,” said Freddy Mangum, CMO at Mojo Networks. “The C-130 is unmatched on the market with its performance, functionality and price-point.”

Mojo is focused on allowing organizations the option to dedicate the third radio to:

  • Deliver Mojo AirTight, a WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) radio with more than 30 patents and recognized as best-in-class by industry analysts, federal government and Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Offer performance by continuously analyzing the RF spectrum to optimize and intelligently manage Radio Resource Management to improve network reliability and client application performance with Mojo access points
  • Improve troubleshooting by constantly feeding live WiFi data to Mojo Packets, the industry’s only cloud-based graphical packet analyzer that enables visual playback of WiFi traffic for rapid troubleshooting

Mojo’s third-radio configuration is dedicated to performing multiple functions, freeing up the two radios to deliver high-performance access of up to 2.5 Gbps. Organizations do not have to choose between performance, functionality and security, ensuring an unfaltering voice and video application experience.

The C-130 comes with a lifetime warranty guarantee, and is positioned at a price-point to provide the greatest value relative to any other Wave 2 dual- or tri-radio access point on the market. A recent total cost of ownership (TCO) report noted that cost savings range from 26 percent (legacy cloud managed WiFi) to up to 56 percent (on-premise controllers) when using Mojo Networks. With its network disaggregation approach, Mojo Networks provides an overwhelming value proposition as organizations upgrade their WiFi infrastructure.


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