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Brocade: “Keeping up with Network Demand Requires Network Resilience”

Wireless Network Scalability Brocade / Solutions Review

Wireless Network Scalability Brocade / Solutions ReviewBrocade poses the question: can you cope with increasing user demand? It’s a good question because one thing is for sure, there is always going to be a lot of demand on the IT department. Whether it’s demand for security, the latest technology or the fastest network speeds end users are always looking for the latest and greatest. With the consumerization of IT, BYOD and employee/student owned devices becoming so common and prevalent a lot of that demand centers around network speed and connectivity. With this flood of new technology more and more services or applications now run through the network making said connectivity even more important.  

I must admit, being an end user myself and not an IT department insider, I sometimes find my self demanding more from the network. “Why is this taking so long to download?” “Why is this taking so long to log on?” “What is wrong with the application?” I find my self just wanting more without rationally thinking or even caring why these lags are taking place. Fair or not, these pressures fall onto the IT department’s shoulders and highlight why it is so important to set up your network for increased demand and scalability.

In a recent blog post Brocade writes, “You can no longer afford to think re-actively about the campus network, fixing problems as they arise. Network resilience is the order of the day; you must proactively make sure you’re ready to cope with pressure on your network, such as unexpected spikes in traffic, or disruptive events like major natural or man-made disasters. No matter what, you need to retain a normal level of service. You need to make sure your campus network is flexible, ready to grow at any point, secure and easy to access, regularly backed up and is able to expand capacity using external services at short notice.” Read the rest of the blog post here and ask your self the questions that will allow you to handle growing demand.

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