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New Technology and a New CEO Drive a New Focus for Xirrus

Xirrus CEO Shane Buckley - Wireless Solutions Review

Xirrus CEO Shane Buckley - Wireless Solutions ReviewNew technology is putting a large emphasis on the need for reliable and secure wireless network solutions (WNS). An enterprise providing smart phone and tables, or allowing for BYOD needs to know that they can provide at network that will handle the increased density on their WLAN.  With a new CEO and awareness of this need Xirrus is focusing on WLAN performance.

Shane Buckely, Xirrus CEO, recently spoke with InternetNews and stated that, “the big challenge is that there is a massive difference between wireless and wired based networks.” The main difference Buckley seems to be referring to is the performance and speed at which end users on wired network see in comparison to those connecting through a wireless network. With typical wired networks offering between 80 – 100 Mbps, the reality is that wireless networks only offer a few megabits per second to the end user. “It’s almost like when you unplug your notebook from the Ethernet cable that you go back 17 years in time and you’re connected to a 10 megabit shared hub and the performance is pathetic,”

With that said Xirrus has put a focus on brining “wired-like” performance to their WLAN offering. This performance focus is a shift towards catering towards the customer and market needs. Delivering the convenience of wireless with the performance of wired. Read the entire article here and learn more about what Xirrus is working towards in the near future.

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