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Technology and Education: It’s a Whole New Ball Game

Cisco telepresence solutions in education

Cisco telepresence solutions in educationWe have been seeing reports on the continued growth of the wireless LAN market and how it has now reach numbers of over $1 Billion a quarter. One can assume new mobile technologies and programs such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are having an impact on this rise, and a new paper sponsored by Cisco and developed by the California State University Monterey Bay highlights one specific initiative that might be helping to fuel that rise as well. A recent blog post from Cisco highlights the release of the paper that outlines the impact that telepresence is having and can have on education.

The paper, Facing the World: Telepresence in Education, highlights how new technologies are shifting the paradigm in education, and are “emphasizing experimental and collaborative learning.” Telepresence or interactive video communication is bringing a whole new meaning to face-to-face communications and is having an impact on education that goes beyond savings through transportation and resource costs.

Through the use of smartphones, tablets, cameras, microphones, wireless networks and infrastructures students and educators are able to connect, collaborate, share, interact, explore and learn on a whole new level. Telepresence is changing how, when, where and what students are learning and preparing them for a new era in civilization. The paper talks about developing “global citizens” with “broaden perspectives” through the use of these technologies and this type of learning and ultimately preparing today’s students for new economic environments and the use of technology in the real world.

Click here to see the recent Cisco blog to gain access to the new paper and learn how wireless networks, mobile devices and improved infrastructures are helping to bring these new learning theories to today’s generation.

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