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Top 10 802.11ac Wireless Solutions Twitter Accounts

Get the latest news and be the first to catch on to new routers, concepts and technology by following these wireless networking thought leaders and vendors:

Aruba Networks– Aruba Networks is  a top provider of wireless networks across many business types. Their goal is to liberate businesses for the last wired barriers.

NETGEAR– NETGEAR is a wireless service provider that works with businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes. NETGEAR aims to help you take your business to the next level with the right tools,networking, storage, and security solutions.

Juniper Networks– Juniper aims to challenge the traditional approach to the network and cover all aspects including across routing switching and security, to help businesses thrive in the future.

Cisco– As one of the biggest names in wireless networking, Cisco is committed to keep all customers and wireless news seekers up to date on the latest.

Xirrus– Another well-known wireless network solution provider. They provide updates to technology in the space and how their products will adapt to the ever changing evolution of wireless technology.

Brocade– Brocade is a vendor that not only tweets about their innovations but covers major events in the wireless space as well.

Ruckus Wireless– Ruckus provides news on products, events going on in the area and how and why certain companies from different backgrounds are improving and upgrading their wireless infrastructure.

Aerohive Networks– This independent Wi-Fi vendor focuses on improving wireless networks for businesses and schools, providing relevant and up to date information across the topics.

Avaya– Provides news on wireless networking for business as well as news surrounding their ventures in telecom.

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