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Top Five K-12 and Higher Education 802.11ac Wireless Case Studies

Top 5 Wireless 80211ac K-12 White Papers

Top 5 Wireless 80211ac K-12 White PapersWireless networks have been growing rapidly in schools due to the rise of the importance of good wireless connectivity in the classroom. In order to fully utilize the Internet in the classroom, it’s important that each student has a fast and reliable connection which can be achieved with 802.11ac.

  1. Ruckus Wireless: San Francisco Public Schools– The San Francisco Public School Systems needed a unified indoor/outdoor wireless LAN, ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage, strong signal strength that could handle high data rates, higher capacity client support per AP and Stronger BYOD support. Ruckus Wireless Deployed 1,500 dual-band Ruckus Zone-Flex Smart Wi-Fi 802.11n and 802.11ac access points, centralized WLAN management , simplified BYOD device provisioning and automated the enforcement of user policies and increased Wi-Fi coverage tripling client throughput, improving signal strength and wireless reliability.
  2. Cisco: Hong Kong Academy– The Hong Kong Academy wanted to support BYOD, encourage the use of technology and make new network infrastructure compatible with future versions for their K-12 environment. Cisco installed the latest wired and 802.11ac wireless solutions, deployed Cisco CMX and unified management through Cisco Prime Infrastructure and streamlined onboarding for BYOD environment with Cisco Identity Services Engine.
  3. Meru Networks: Bellarmine College Preparatory– Bellarmine College Preparatory was looking to ensure secure, stable, high performance of 1:1 Apple iPad deployment designed to help students reach levels of technology competence aligned with the advanced educational criteria of the school. Meru deployed Meru AP332 and AP832 802.11ac access points, Meru E(z)RF network management, Meru Identity Manager with Guest Connect and Smart Connect modules and Meru System Director with Service Control (Bonjour gateway).
  4. Aruba Networks: Trevecca Nazarene University– The university was looking for for wireless conectivity that could handle the 50-60 devices that would be connecting over a four room suite and would add a better BYOD component. Aruba implemented their pervasive Aruba 802.11ac Wi-Fi to blanket the indoor and outdoor campus and scalable WLAN, with ClientMatch which provides seamless Wi-Fi experiences throughout enabled facilities.
  5. Hewlett Packard: Clinton Public Schools– The Clinton Public School District was looking to design a district-wide wireless network to meet national online testing standards ahead of time. HP deployed a BYOD, 802.11ac networking solution that creates a flexible,secure VLAN profile to accomidate special events, expands wireless capabilities to the entire K-12 district and paves the way for BYOD initiative for up to 10,000 devices.

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