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VPN Software Installed on Windows 10 May Not Detect Your Wireless Network


Windows 10 has been a huge upgrade for most enterprises so far and has allowed for better communication between devices and new features for to improve productivity. With all of these advances Windows 10 offers, it’s not free of some of the glitches that are often present when new OSes are still working out the kinks. Nevertheless, it’s very important to take note of these inconsistencies especially when you come across something on your network that’s not functioning the way it is meant to. Many enterprises are still making the transition from Windows 7  and 8 to Windows 10.

For Windows 10 there has been a no connectivity issue when it comes to VPNs. When upgrading, many PCs have has a No Internet Connection indicator with no option to connect to the internet at all. This has been happening when VPN software is older and these older versions contain a Filter Driver (the Deterministic Network Enhancer) which is tending to not be properly upgraded.

According to an article by Anand Khanse for The Windows Club, these are the symptoms of this problem:

  1. No Wi-Fi Detected– For users who have a Windows 8.1-based computer and also have the VPN (Virtual Private Network) software installed are majorly affected by the problem of No Internet Connectivity. In case such users upgrade their computer to Windows 10 OS, it doesn’t detect the wireless connection.
  2. Restarting computer/Reinstalling Adapter doesn’t help- Restarting the computer or trying to reinstall the wireless network adapter driver might not help in fixing this issue of no internet connectivity on Windows 10. The issue might not be with the adapter; the wireless network adapter would be functioning absolutely fine.
  3. Affects the Wired Ethernet connections- Post upgrading to windows 10, the wired Ethernet connections might also get affected from functioning correctly. It might also affect the connections made through the built-in Ethernet adapter or the USB Ethernet adapter.

One of the ways to address this problem is to download a trouble shooter onto a different PC with an internet connection and put it on a removable disk. This trouble shooter can be found here and check out the Windows Club for more information.

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