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WaaS Happening in the World of Wireless as a Service?

WaaS Happening in the World of Wireless as a Service?

WaaS Happening in the World of Wireless as a Service?

Wireless network deployments can be a real headache even for those with years of wireless experience. As Wi-Fi networks have become increasingly complex to implement and manage, one development  has sought to simplify these processes. Wi-Fi as a Service or WaaS is seeing a rise in popularity in enterprises offering pre-install surveys, project management, installation, wi-fi network design and more. The idea here is that wireless is now so integral to operations that businesses will outsource their networks operations even while they have dedicated IT teams ready. “A growing number of companies are deciding that Wi-Fi is too important not to be handled by experts, and for that reason they are outsourcing it,” said RCR Wireless News.

SecureEdge Networks identifies three critical offerings from standard WaaS services.

Infrastructure – All of the hardware and equipment, from access points to firewalls, and even your ISP if needed.

Software – Centralized network management with real-time visibility, a customized captive portal, business intelligence options, location-services and reporting.

Managed Services – 24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting of configuration issues, executive dashboards with weekly/monthly reporting. Firmware upgrades and advanced options such as onsite support SLAs and application level bandwidth controls/analytics.

Below we take a look at some of the offerings that are making Wi-Fi as A Service such an enticing proposition for many enterprises.


A self-fixing business model is an attractive idea for many organizations who would rather focus their efforts on critical operations rather than on maintaining its network infrastructure.

Faster Connection

No matter how fast your wireless connection is, you’ll always be frustrated that it’s not faster. MU MIMO 802.11ac Wave 2 access points are designed to support multiple requests, monitor clients and direct them to the best access points for their needs.

Support and Service

Wireless connections are a critical part of the modern business environment. With so much traffic, network teams can’t afford to spend their time and resources working on wireless access for guests. In the age of complex wireless networks, many organizations are addressing this issue by outsourcing their network support.

Moving Beyond IT

Oftentimes WaaS providers include troubleshooting and network monitoring as part of their services. With this organizations will be able to move these processes from dedicated in-house IT teams to network experts. These services are typically time and human resource intensive, but WaaS services are looking to perform these jobs using artificial intelligence.

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