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What SMBs Need To Know About Upgrading to 802.11ac Wireless

SMBs Upgrading to 80211ac Wireless

SMBs Upgrading to 80211ac WirelessWi-Fi considerations are a very important topic especially over the last few years with the amount of devices needing to connect to the Wi-Fi consistently grow. Historically, companies have made sure that their wired network was solid and looked at Wi-Fi as an add-on or a bonus to that network. Over time, the scale has tipped making Wi-Fi the more important resource as the wired internet becomes less and less relevant. As the Wi-Fi network has become more and more important, the technology has to keep up and for most small and medium businesses that hasn’t happened.

In order to do the things that you want your company to do as you grow and as technology grows, having slow Wi-Fi is going to hurt you and your customers. Upgrading Wi-Fi is an absolute must.

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Wireless is now the primary network; we don’t really have a need for wired networks anymore. Some companies, especially small and medium sized, are hesitant to upgrade because of their experiences with both wired and wireless technologies. Historically the wired network has been the one that you could depend on, especially when the Wi-Fi was sending mixed signals and was unreliable. With these preconceived notions, it might be hard to wrap you head around why going full Wi-Fi will be more convenient.

Most devices don’t even have wired internet hookups anymore. Your employees are going to be using devices that can’t even benefit from the wired interned rendering it nearly useless. Newer Wi-Fi routers with 802.11ac capability will have the same security, be just as reliable and speed that is much better than traditional wired based internet.

Since most workers today require mobility to do their jobs, the quality of your wireless network needs to not only handle the amount of wireless devices, but also be fast enough for those people to seamlessly perform their jobs without ever having to worry about internet speeds. Wireless is no longer a convenient option for worker, it has become necessary.

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