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Worldwide Enterprise WLAN 2015–2016 Vendor Assessment Review

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Like the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN, the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Enterprise WLAN 2015-2016 Vendor Assessment offers and overview of the wireless industry, along with an easy to digest graphic and vendor profiles. Like the magic quadrant and the Forrester Wave Reports, IDC MarketSpace offers a graph so potential buyers can see which wireless vendors have the biggest market reach and which are considered to be the top solutions.

The categories are Participants at the bottom, them Contenders, Major Players and Leaders. The IDC chart is arranged a little more comprehensively than the Gartner Magic Quadrant in that the categories are stacked on top of each other so you can tell how they truly rank. Cisco, Aruba and Ruckus sit in the leaders category. Fortinet-Meru, Aerohive, Zebra, Xirrus, Extreme, AirTight, Huawei and ADTRAN are all major players, with D-Link sitting solo in the contenders category.

This report includes IDC’s opinion which gives the reader and overview of how they conduct their assessments based on the “comprehensive parameters” that they feel make the most of wireless networks and will be the most telling when current and future customers go to reflect on their current solution or go to look for a potential solution. Because the wireless market is well established and mature, there was no single solution that completely blew away the competition or one that severely lagged behind. This is one of the reasons why the wireless industry is a prominent one.

The biggest difference between the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the IDC report is the vendor profiles. Gartner offers a specific snapshot into each solution it covers along with a brief overview of strengths and weaknesses. IDC takes it  much further and splits their report up when licencing, by vendor.

For example the Ruckus Wireless featured vendor assessment available on the Ruckus site includes a very in depth look at Ruckus as a wireless vendor. The summary of their solution gives more detail than the smaller one given by Gartner in the Quadrant report. It gives a general overview and provides the researcher with definitive strengths and weaknesses of the solution.

See how we broke down these solutions in our 2016 802.11ac Wireless Networks Buyer’s Guide and see how it compares to IDC’s report.

wireless guide coverFor information on the top 802.11ac solutions, check out our latest Buyer’s Guide:

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