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Nintex Launches Process Templates to Facilitate Automation

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Nintex Launches Process Templates to Facilitate AutomationBusiness Process Management (BPM) and automation provider, Nintex, has announced the availability of a new gallery of process templates. This gallery is designed to help organizations quickly automate a wide range of business processes by leveraging the process mapping and management, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and workflow automation capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform. The process accelerator gallery makes it easier for Nintex users and partners to view and download templates for Nintex Promapp process maps, automated workflows, RPA botflows, and enterprise application connectors.

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In a press statement, Chief Product Officer of Nintex, Neal Gottsacker said, “process management and automation should be easy to use and quick to deploy across organizations. Nintex’s new process template gallery is designed with this in mind and ensures that every Nintex customer and every partner can realize the benefits of automation faster.”

Additionally, the gallery includes over four dozen templates across business departments including IT, operations, procurement, sales and marketing, HR, finance, and more. New templates are being added monthly and address the question many users new to automation have: what does a good process and workflow look like?

Henning Eiben, CEO of busitec, also added, “customers often ask us for compelling examples of how to get the most out of the Nintex platform. Nintex’s new gallery of connectors along with process maps, workflow, and botflow templates is like a one-stop-shop — our customers can get right to work and take advantage of what other organizations have done.”

The Nintex process accelerator gallery includes a range of templates and pre-built connectors to facilitate process management and automation, including:

  • Nintex Promapp Process Templates: A starting point for understanding the steps in a process and the participants involved.
  • RPA Botflow Templates: Allows users to apply RPA to tasks that execute the same way every time.
  • Workflow Automation Templates: Best for processes that need collaboration, judgment, and decisions.
  • Pre-built Connectors: Allows users to integrate business applications into automated workflows by dragging the connector into the Nintex design canvas.

Ben Stori, Office 365 Solutions Architect for sdg stated, “the new templates and pre-built connectors from Nintex give customers a fast track to maximize their ROI. Nintex’s process templates are basically a customizable starter pack to reduce development time, save money, and accelerate training. This is a significant value-add for Nintex customers.”

The Nintex Process Platform is a complete toolkit that IT teams, ops professionals, and business analysts use every day and includes: Nintex Promapp, Nintex Forms & Mobile Apps, Nintex Workflow, Nintex RPA, DocGen, Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign, and Nintex process analytics.

To read Nintex’s full press release, click here.

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