Commvault GO: Cloud Adoption Insights Survey with Penny Gralewski

Solutions Review covered this year’s Commvault GO 2018 Consumer Conference with interviews from a variety of enterprise technology professionals. One interview included Commvault’s solution marketing director, Penny Gralewski. Penny provides insights into cloud adoption, as well as how companies move to the cloud. She also discusses the challenges many enterprises face during cloud adoption.

Digital transformation introduces a variety of new challenges for enterprises. This includes areas like app migration, cloud adoption, cybersecurity, and much more. Due to these challenges, many enterprises end up favoring a certain area over another. For example, implementing DevOps often leads to a lack of functional security.

At the event, Penny learned that many attendees were exploring other solutions they need in the cloud. Due to the rapid changes in the cloud technology space, there isn’t a true end game for the cloud. Some new threat or necessary technology will always arise, enterprises must know how to deal with this.

Penny mentions the rising number of enterprises using a multi or hybrid cloud approach. IDC predicted 90% of enterprises will use more than one cloud service or platform by 2020. The major infrastructure providers (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) offer different strengths. For example, many consider AWS the best option for teams looking to integrate DevOps.

Since Commvault offers solutions for backup and disaster recovery, Penny also discusses the importance of this area. Many organizations use cloud services without notifying IT. For example, CRMs provide significant value to marketing or sales teams, regardless of IT’s input. These teams don’t consider the importance of a BUDR solution.

View the full interview between Solutions Review’s Doug Atkinson and Penny Gralewski at Commvault GO 2018 below.

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