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28msec Comes out of Stealth with a Weird Name, a new Acronym and a Big Idea

Data Integration Solutions News 28msec

Data Integration Solutions News 28msecBig Data Solutions Law #1: Never emerge from stealth mode and try to create a brand new solution category. Good big ideas are hard enough to promote. If you are the answer to a major problem, more than likely, there are already companies delivering solutions. If you are a solution to a problem that does not yet exist, don’t order a lot of business cards. If you plan to sell anything to anybody, always keep in mind that your future customers need to sell you internally and they need to present you as a solution to a problem they have right now.

Despite this paradigm, 28msec – a company that today emerged from stealth mode – has launched a new data integration solutions that they refer to as “the first Information Processing Platform (IPP)” delivering “Information Agility”. Which until now you didn’t know you needed. (Consider that horse beaten to death.) For now, and until we are given a good reason to track it differently, we at Solutions Review will be writing about 28msec in our Data Integration solution site.

In a nicely written article by Steve Wexler at IT-TNA 28msec appears to be working up a new twist on the data integration curveball. According to 28msec, the company’s new platform “quickly extracts data out of ANY source and transforms that data into a valuable commodity – actionable information. Sold as a service or software, 28msec’s platform enables businesses to extract value from their data and get to market faster than their competitors.”

We expect to be seeing a lot more from 28msec as the company has raised $5.5 million from friends and family. And there should be more where that came from as the Global Data Integration Market is already over one billions dollars and growing at roughly 11% each year according to a study by TechNavio.

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