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Airbyte Raises $150 Million in New Funding to Expand Operations

Airbyte Raises $150 Million in New Funding to Expand Operations
Airbyte Raises $150 Million in New Funding to Expand Operations

Source: Airbyte

Airbyte recently announced $150 million in Series B funding, according to a blog post from the company’s CEO Michel Tricot. Including participation from new and existing investors, and at a valuation of $1.5 billion, Airbyte plans to use the venture capital to expand its business operations across the globe. This news comes on the heels of Airbyte’s Series A raise and the launch of Airbyte Cloud.

Our Buyer’s Guide for Data Integration Tools helps you evaluate the best solution for your use case and features profiles of the leading providers, as well as a category overview of the marketplace.

Airbyte offers an open-source data integration solution with pre-built and custom connectors. The product can be deployed on laptops and even servers to replicate data without coding via the vendor’s web application. Airbyte enables users to quickly authenticate sources and warehouses and acquire connectors that adapt to scheme or API changes. Customers can also build connectors in any language, and the tool adapts to your stack. Self-hosted Airbyte implies data that doesn’t go to 3rd-party services as well.

Airbyte CEO Michel Tricot added: “Everything we’ve done has been powered by you, our community – from the early adopters of Airbyte when we had only 3 (barely working) data sources, to every single person who joins our Slack every day to give us feedback, help the other community members and contribute to make Airbyte a better platform.”

Solutions Review recently named Airbyte one of 6 Data Integration Tools Vendors to Watch for 2022. Solutions Review’s Data Integration Tools Vendors to Watch is an annual listing of solution providers we believe are worth monitoring. Companies are commonly included if they demonstrate a product roadmap aligning with our meta-analysis of the marketplace.

Read Airbyte Raises a $150M Series-B to Power the Movement of Data in the company’s blog to learn more.

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