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Annual “State of Customer Data Integration” Report Reveals a Tangled Mess

Scribe 2013 State of Data Integration

Scribe 2013 State of Data IntegrationScribe Software, a provider of data integration solutions has released its annual “State of Customer Data Integration 2013” survey and the news is good if you are in the integration solutions game.

Most notably, key business and IT shifts are changing how businesses prioritize customer data integration. Customer data integration has become a core business issue as organizations struggle to attain the ideal of the connected enterprise and drive business value from IT investments while managing increasingly complex IT environments.

Interestingly the report finds that “the majority of respondents noting integration between CRM and business intelligence (74 percent), CRM and customer support systems (73 percent), and CRM and marketing automation (71 percent) as a top priority, only 16 percent of business respondents report full integration among their various business systems. When compared to 15 percent reporting full integration in 2012, it is evident that organizations still have a long way to go to fully integrate customer data across core business systems. While only 10 percent report a complete lack of integration, partial integration is still the norm.”

According to Lou Guercia, CEO of Scribe, “Businesses are struggling to reach the connected enterprise nirvana despite their focus on the importance of core business system integration. With the continued move to cloud and complex hybrid environments, the lack of integration between these systems is becoming clearer and significantly slowing business value.”

The report digs into the shifting role of the CMO and CIO in the modern enterprise indicating that “although IT continues to own a sizeable portion of the budget, sales, operations and marketing departments together are responsible for 49 percent of planned systems investments in the enterprise in 2013. In addition, while almost half of business respondents (44 percent) plan to invest more in their business systems in 2013, the majority (60 percent) plan to take a cautious approach – increasing their customer-facing systems investment by no more than 20% compared to 2012.”

You can go to a more complete summary of the report here

Scribe will be holding a live webinar on June 11, 2013, at 11 a.m. ET to provide an in-depth look at the full survey findings along with an interactive Q&A with industry experts. You can register for that session here.

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