Big Data Integration and the Healthcare Industry – Key Trends from Rock Health

Rock Health is a non-profit foundation focused on the intersection of healthcare and technology. This presentation deck on Big Data in Digital Health takes a look at the key trends and challenges in applying Big Data to transform healthcare by supporting research, self care, providers and building ecosystems. The quality of the information as well as the graphical presentation are both excellent. Lots of salient points to absorb and many can be used if you need to build a case internally regarding upcoming technology initiatives.

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Doug Atkinson

President at Solutions Review
An entrepreneur and executive with a passion for enterprise technology, Doug founded Solutions Review in 2012. He has previously served as a newspaper boy, a McDonald's grill cook, a bartender, a political consultant, a web developer, the VP of Sales for e-Dialog - a digital marketing agency - and as Special Assistant to Governor William Weld of Massachusetts.
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