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CloverETL: “Always After Me Hadoop Support”

CloverETL Hadoop Support

CloverETL Hadoop SupportThe new CloverETL 3.4 release has added improvements to the Cluster in the area of parallel processing of a single transformation; Hadoop support (now adding integration with MapReduce jobs); and improvements to the Server, such as a more legible user interface and redesigned management of database connections, both of which greatly improve the Designer-Server development experience.

CloverETL began as an open source project by founder and Javlin president David Pavlis in 2002. Since then,they have grown and crafted Clover into a full-blown product for commercial deployments. More than 2,000 direct customers, plus the many involved in OEM partnerships, use CloverETL worldwide.

For more information on the new 3.4 release click here.

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