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Diyotta Envisions a World of “Frictionless Data Integration” ETL

Diyotta Data Integration

Diyotta Data IntegrationA new player in the Data Integration industry – Diyotta – has set out to differentiate its ETL tools with the angle of positioning its “ability to readily integrate data across your enterprise friction-free, delivering high value information where it’s needed most to rapidly enable critical insights for strategic and competitive advantage with significantly less cost, effort and delay than ever before.”

According to Diyotta the notion of friction free data integration, “will require not only the ability to integrate and interconnect many data sources and systems, combining and enriching the data for maximum value, but the ability to nimbly create and run these data streams.”

“Beyond that, it will be critical to ensure that this data is meaningful and accurate, requiring that the heritage and lineage of the data is tracked, managed and registered from source to consumer. This will allow the ability to ensure valid results are presented, and supports in-depth data lineage analysis and data forensics.”

The Diyotta Data Integration Suite is a data integration platform built for Data Warehouse appliances and distributed processing platforms such as Netezza, Teradata or Hadoop. According to the company, “Frictionless and readily scalable, Diyotta gives you the nimbleness and agility to meet the needs of your data management, reporting and analytic requirements with a cost-effective, easily manageable and maintainable integrated develop environment and operational platform.”

If you are interested in learning more about Diyotta you can check them out a

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