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HVR Launches New HVR Agent as a Service on Microsoft Azure

HVR Launches New HVR Agent as a Service on Microsoft Azure
HVR Launches New HVR Agent as a Service on Microsoft Azure

Source: HVR

HVR today announced HVR Agent as a Service for Microsoft Azure, a new managed service application in the Azure Marketplace. The service enables organizations to utilize key features of the HVR platform in Microsoft Azure. The product comes pre-configured so users can start doing data replication quickly. The tool is now available for current customers and those interested can attend an upcoming webinar on May 4, 2021.

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HVR is a high-volume real-time data replication solution that solves a variety of data integration use cases, including cloud, data lake, database and file replication, and database migration. The product allows organizations to move data bi-directionally between on-prem solutions and the cloud. Real-time data movement enables the ability to continuously analyze changes in data generated by transactional systems, machines, sensors, mobile devices, and more.

HVR Agent as a Service leverages Azure Kubernetes Services to manage settings that automatically scale out the environment. The service also keeps a minimum of agent instances available at all times. Native Azure monitoring, alerting solutions, and custom HVR monitoring are deployed to ensure the environment is available at all times. HVR automatically manages timely software updates by replacing when software updates are available as well.

In a media statement on the news, HVR CTO Mark Van de Wiel said “Some organizations are struggling to move to the cloud since most of their critical data resides on-premises. Still, with evolving business needs and demands, they need to start taking steps to modernize. But, that takes resources many organizations don’t have – enter HVR Agent as a Service for Microsoft Azure. A key promise of the cloud is less mundane software management and, with HVR Agent as a Service for Microsoft Azure, we help deliver on that promise.”

Read HVR Agent as a Service for Azure in the company blog to learn more.

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