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Scribe CRM Integration Solutions

Scribe CRM Integration SolutionsEarlier this week, Scribe Software – a leading provider of CRM integration solutions, announced substantial growth in Q3 of 2013.  Scribe announced a 525 percent increase in bookings of its cloud integration platform from Q3 2012.  Scribe’s integrated solutions bring customer data anywhere that it is needed regardless of IT infrastructure.  Part of the company’s significant growth is derived from increasing market penetration of Scribe’s cloud-based data integration solution called Scribe Online.  This product is popular among Microsoft and users.  Scribe Software’s cloud thought leadership administered through the Cloud Leaders Series was another reason for the Q3 2013 growth.

Scribe Software’s substantial growth from Q3 2012 to Q3 2013 represents an example of the gradual industry shift towards a connected cloud enterprise.  During Q3 2013 the Scribe Online platform market was rapidly expanded.  Gradually, companies are migrating more towards cloud computing asserts Brian Vellmure, an independent management consultant.  Phillip Massey, President of Massey Consulting, credits Scribe Online with delivering “powerful data solutions that enable end customers to better leverage integration between core business systems to bring the enterprise closer to its connected vision, drive increased sales and enable deeper customer relationships.”

Cloud Leaders Series

Scribe President and CEO Lou Guercia attributes Scribe’s high performing quarter to increased usage of Scribe Online.  “Much of our success this quarter can be attributed to growing use of Scribe Online among enterprises of all sizes that – through the help of these channels – are tapping cloud-based solutions to quickly and cost-effectively connect business applications for a 360-degree view of the customer,” says Guercia.  Guercia, who joined Scribe in 2010, initiated also the Cloud Leaders Series.  The program gathers cloud experts to share their expectations and insights into the burgeoning cloud platform.  The Leaders Series has given authorities on cloud productivity trends such as Dana Gardner, Esteban Kolsky, and Umberto Milletti the chance to offer their expertise on the future of the cloud and data ownership models.

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