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Informatica Dropping Some Dope Data Science on All Y’All – VDM – Booya!

Informatica Releases Vibe Sohaib Abbassi

Informatica Releases Vibe Sohaib AbbassiInformatica has taken to the stage at their own Informatica World Conference in Las Vegas to unleash a new acronym into the big data universe – VDM – which is short for Virtual Data Machine, “designed to embed data integration into the next generation of applications for the integrated information age.”

The new solution called Vibe allows companies “to take advantage of ever evolving data integration technologies and innovations without having to recode. Vibe enables users to harness data in applications, business processes and connected devices.”

According to Marge Breya – Informatica’s Chief Marketing Officer, “Today organizations are looking to unleash their potential by quickly turning raw data into intellectual property they can use for business advantage. Vibe transforms our customers from simply managing data as an asset into organizations which use information integration as a strategic competitive advantage to build and expand their business.”

The VDM concept encapsulated in Vibe has been integral to the Informatica Platform since its inception. A VDM works by separating the data integration instructions, which map out the business logic for handling data, from the underlying execution technology. In other words, map the logic once, and then deploy it on-premise, in the cloud, on Hadoop, in batch or real-time, all without having to make code changes.

A full write up of the new offering can be found here.

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