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Information Builders Releases iWay 7 Information Asset Platform

Information Builders iWay7 Platform Data Integration

No better place to launch a new platform than in front of a conference of your best customers. And that is exactly what Information Builders did last week when it release its iWay 7 Information Asset Management Platform. The solution combines powerful integration, data quality, and master data management capabilities to facilitate end-to-end management of data across all enterprise systems, processes, and stakeholders.

According to the company, the iWay 7 Information Asset Management Platform is comprised of three technology suites:

  1. iWay Integration Suite: Enhances information unification and accessibility, providing real-time interoperability between disparate systems and data
  2. iWay Data Quality Suite: A unified solution for profiling, cleansing and enriching data, this suite provides the tools organizations need to confirm consistency, accuracy, and completeness of information
  3. Master Data Suite: A comprehensive, unified toolset that ensures consistency, uniformity, and accuracy across all critical data assets. This powerful, scalable, multi-domain master data management environment provides organizations with effective data governance capabilities by rapidly creating and efficiently maintaining a single view of their core entities

“Organizations reap maximum returns on information investments when they deploy data analysis capabilities to numerous user groups,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. “However, this approach is only effective when companies can ensure the accessibility, reliability, and timelines of data from every enterprise source. Our iWay 7 Information Asset Management Platform addresses these areas, providing customers with the tools they need to realize the full potential of their information capital.”

More information about the new iWay 7 platform can be found at the Information Builders website here.

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