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Liaison Technologies Forecasts Dramatic Growth in Data Integration Complexity for 2014

2014 Data Integration Predictions - Liaison Technologies

2014 Data Integration Predictions - Liaison TechnologiesLiaison Technologies, a global integration and data management enterprise, recently announced its leading business integration predictions for 2014.  The global provider of secure, cloud-based integration expects that there will be substantial growth in data integration complexity, mass customization will become the new standard, and the merger of business-to-business (B2B) and application-to-application (A2A) integration will be a top priority.

“Although there remains a large embedded base of integration silos, in 2014 cloud integration service providers, also known as cloud service brokers, will continue to gain momentum as a viable solution for the most straightforward to the most complex integration requirements,” says Bob Renner, CEO of Liaison Technologies.

Here are the main trends that Liaison expects to occur this year:

1. “Growing Complexity as Integration Services Diverge: As a corollary to growing integration complexity, in 2014 we will see the integration services market bifurcate.  Providers will fall into one of two distinct classes of solutions centered on business use case or use case independent offerings based on the underlying technology itself.”

2. “Mass Customization Takes its Place in Cloud Integration: Cloud integration providers will realize they can no longer offer standardized, “cookie cutter” solutions without limiting their market opportunities and risking customer loyalty.  The challenge for cloud integration providers is that mass customization is not a technology nor a sales technique: it is an organizational discipline and therefore a difficult change to make.  In 2014, mass customization of the cloud integration platform will emerge as an alternative to the compromises and fragmented offerings of prior years.”

To read the entire Liaison press release about business integration predictions in 2014, click here:

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